Appeal of a Hardworking Man…

There’s nothing more appealing than a hardworking man,

with a purpose-filled vision and well-laid plan.

These things were mirrored when you introduced yourself,

your driven work ethic; the root of your wealth.

The confidence you displayed was solid and direct.

You approached me like a gentleman and came correct.

For you knew I’d be accepting of nothing less,

and neither would you; also deserving the best.

Our conversation clicked like a wrench to a screw.

There was something in me that reached out to you.

As you whispered your desires deep into my ear,

I could feel your energy as you pulled me near.

I detect that your past has taught you a lot,

while you dodged the bullets that life has shot.

When you least expect it, the tables can turn.

You are life’s willing student, always ready to learn.

There’s nothing wrong with being a hardworking man,

independent and capable, has direction and a plan.

So keep being you and never be still,

I have every confidence that you will!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


Element of Time


Time waits for no one, neither the slow nor quick,

often passing so swiftly, “Is this a cruel trick?”

Many waste it or simply don’t use it wisely at all,

moving slowly and without  purpose, afraid to fall.

Yet time is a gift each one of us should treasure,

with it, our progress we can accurately measure.

Though it may take a while to reach our goals,

 consistency and patience both play active roles.

Time passes so quickly ~ this we all must face,

we must make good use of it, while maintaining a steady pace.

So let’s begin now ~ for time is of the essence,

it is the key to our existence ~ the element of our presence.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall