Poem…The Human Thing to Do

*This poem is based on a real life experience I had some time ago. Please see my narrative post that coincides in “Sunday Seeds” category at: sporterhall.wordpress.com. Enjoy!

As he climbed his ladder, to hedges high,

I could only stare as I drove by.

A daunting task, for him ahead,

How would he finish? I secretly pled.

A job not envied by anyone,

performed under the heat of the hot scorching sun.

When I saw the sweat drip from his chest,

I privately prayed, that he’d soon rest.

How could anyone drive by, and witness his thirst?

To turn a blind eye, simply the worst.

I swallowed hard, as I felt his pain,

no moisture in sight, no chance of rain.

I vowed to return with refreshing libation,

as I sat in the midst of the church congregation.

When I came back, he was still there,

immersed in his work, of me, unaware.

I brought him drink of water and ice,

of which he thought was astoundingly nice.

He couldn’t believe that I had been so kind,

the kindness of a stranger, so rare to find.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

The Gift of Kindness…

A frown replaced by a beautiful smile,

a changing mood, a day worthwhile.

A heart that gives freely always gets back,

blessings ten-fold, though odds may be stacked.

A lifetime of consequences and lessons learned.

kindness given, yields kindness returned,

It feels so good to make another person’s day,

while showing them that there’s another way.

The gift of kindness, gives great reward,

drawing nearer the dreams that propel us forward.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall