Poem…The Human Thing to Do

*This poem is based on a real life experience I had some time ago. Please see my narrative post that coincides in “Sunday Seeds” category at: sporterhall.wordpress.com. Enjoy!

As he climbed his ladder, to hedges high,

I could only stare as I drove by.

A daunting task, for him ahead,

How would he finish? I secretly pled.

A job not envied by anyone,

performed under the heat of the hot scorching sun.

When I saw the sweat drip from his chest,

I privately prayed, that he’d soon rest.

How could anyone drive by, and witness his thirst?

To turn a blind eye, simply the worst.

I swallowed hard, as I felt his pain,

no moisture in sight, no chance of rain.

I vowed to return with refreshing libation,

as I sat in the midst of the church congregation.

When I came back, he was still there,

immersed in his work, of me, unaware.

I brought him drink of water and ice,

of which he thought was astoundingly nice.

He couldn’t believe that I had been so kind,

the kindness of a stranger, so rare to find.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

Embrace the Joy of Christian Giving

Here is a beautiful poem that I’d like to share with you. It was part of “Inspiration Corner”, a segment that is featured on Sundays during church services I attend. I think it is awesome and hope that you enjoy it as well!

I learned six truths about giving today–

Truths from God’s Word, not what men say;

Truths that teach me how I should live,

And the joy I receive as I learn to give.

I learned to give myself to God first,

My will in His, completely submersed.

I am bought with a price, I’m not my own.

These things I enjoy He’s given on loan.

I respond to God with a joyful heart;

No grudging response as I do my part.

My spirit enjoys a renaissance

When giving freely is my response.

Someday soon I will give account

For what I did with the great amount

That God freely gave to meet my need

And also to give as He decreed.

I learned to release what is His anyway,

To bring my offering on the Lord’s Day.

I do not give to hear man’s praise;

I simply desire to live God’s way.

I learned ever time I receive my pay

To bring my gift the next Lord’s day.

By giving with order and discipline

It strengthens me and pleases Him.

I learned of God’s Promise to supply,

If the well of my riches ever goes dry,

He will never stand idly by

Forsaking His servant until I die.

God can be trusted to meet all our need.

So don’t be afraid to follow His lead.

If you would find joy in Christian living,

Embrace the grace of Christian giving.

By George Cuff

Hold On…

If you hold on tight, just long enough,

things usually turn out fine.

Refreshing is a different outcome,

than what you had in mind.

The stark reality, when it is realized,

that fate always has its way.

No matter how much you fuss and fret,

regardless of what you say.

So just relax ~ let things play out,

in the way they were meant to be.

The pieces will surely fall into place,

hold on and you will see!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall