When Two Hearts Meet…

When two hearts unexpectedly meet,

their wandering souls clumsily dance.

Like amateur puppets on invisible strings,

they sway to a tune that is unfamiliar.

Both struggle to catch the infectious rhythm,

but each hear the beat of a different drum.

Clumsier than most but better than some.

Will they ever come together as one?

One heart stops beating in anticipation,

while the other speeds up in pure elation.

The rhythm soon changes, out of the blue,

there’s only one thing left to do.

Both hearts race to master the dance,

 to give their ‘meeting’ a fighting chance!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


Image:  Free Google images

Thankful For You…

I wonder if you ever consider in your thinking,

that you are certainly not alone.

I share your worries, fears, and doubts,

we’re only human and that makes us prone.

Prone to the wicked ways of others,

that can be cruel and lacking of care.

The best part about having you in my life,

is that I can lean on you and share.

I hope that you feel the same kind of bond,

that seems to be making us stronger.

The more I look at your handsome face,

I want you to be around longer.

I don’t even think that you realize,

the redeeming qualities that you possess.

When I’m in your arms, I feel so protected,

while basking in the warmth of your caress.

A caress so genuine to the touch,

that it has to come from your heart.

When you leave my side, I can still feel you,

but I do hate when we have to part.

So truthfully, I just want you to know,

I’m so glad that you came my way.

How much do you really mean to me?

I don’t know if words could ever say!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


Images: Free Google images/etsy.com

There’s Room in My Heart…



Just when I think I can’t fit one person more,

every tiny space filled,

from ceiling to floor.

One more soul seeking desperately to fit in

needing love and acceptance,

from a trusted friend.

My heart is full and is sure to burst.

But there’s still room left,

my lite’s motto and curse.

It’s hard to imagine leaving anyone out,

to love and to accept,

is what it’s really all about.

So my heart squeezes tightly

to make one more space.

For it is always open,

everyone has a place.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


The Woman I Am….



The woman I am is filled with hope.

My life experiences have taught me the ropes.


The woman I am is focused and steady,

to take on the world, I know I am ready.


The woman I am is sensitive and caring,

giving freely from my heart, I don’t mind sharing.


The woman I am is secure and stable,

to take on like’s challenges, I am willing and able.


The woman I am is aging with grace,

all the wrinkles in life have not left their trace.


By Sylvia Porter-Hall


A Broken Heart

A broken heart,

rapidly beating as it

shatters into a million pieces.

Shards of pain as thin as glass

scattered about in disarray.

The heart’s eye sees its reflection

among the shiny emotional debris

Unable to imagine its original wholeness.

Pain and emotion spill

from the heart’s tender center

like vivid life’s blood.

Dripping in a sorrowful rhythm

as it mourns its brokenness.

Broken for now but the true beauty

lies in its ability to become whole again.

Every piece coming back together.

The heart is broken no more

as it pumps new life’s blood….

until the next time.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall



When Cupid Strikes


This a collaborative piece by Sylvia Porter-Hall and Irfaan Ishan Jaffer

Please check out his fantastic work at: http://iithinks.wordpress.com

It was truly a treat to work with such a creative mind as that of Ishan. This is my first

collaboration and Ihsan has been great with me.  Thank you Ihsan.  After some grammatical

 flexing and intellectual banter, we blended our thoughts and individual personalities

and this is what we came up with.





Cupid approaches

with his perfectly sharpened arrow,

aiming straight at the invisible ‘bulls-eye’,

that which is your heart.

Beating with a carefree rhythm, unaware

it has become the unsuspecting target,

of another’s affections and charms….

Cupid always strikes out of the blue

When the lonely least expect it

The afflicted thinking

‘It’s impossible to live without you’.

As soon as the arrow pierces

The world seems alive in dance

Brimming with beauty

the love struck have eyes new

Like those of a newborn child ~ waves of naivete bubbling over

Joyful bliss springs forth from the piercing

Love anew has a fighting chance

peeking out with hope immature

Cupid is pleased

He sets his sights on a new subject,

bow expertly flexed, arrow pulled taut.

Again love rides, on a wing and a prayer

But no worries ~ Cupid is always self-assured,

confident that he will hit his mark

After all…

He always does!


My Mother ~ My Friend

My mother is my friend through the thick and through the thin,

she will be in my corner and by my side until the very end.

I confide in her my secret thoughts, for she has my deepest trust,

at times I hesitate to share, but eventually I know that I must.

She always gives an honest opinion, from her point of view,

while trying not to come right out and say what I should do.

My mother is my very best friend, from God above she’s a gift,

just knowing I have her in my life gives my heart a remarkable lift.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

Gone But Not Forgotten

This brother meant more than anyone could know,

but for whatever reason, he felt he had to go.

Leaving behind a love so strong,

I am still uncertain as to what went wrong.

We used to fit like a glove ~ conversation and all,

how we looked forward to our daily phone call.

We could talk about anything under the sun,

for our hearts intermingled, united as one.

Deep in my heart he does still remain,

in spite of all the memories, sorrow and pain.

I know our paths will cross again someday,

and maybe then we will know what to say.

If that day never comes, I won’t despair,

for we both know at one time, we were the ultimate pair.

Though I’m no longer bitter, I still hurt inside,

I’ve regained control and taken back my p ride.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

Hinder No More

Hinder me not, for I’m doing my best,

not to be better than others, but to be an example to the rest.

Paving  the way for others to follow,

but you can’t take this path if your heart is hollow.

Hollow like a tree that lacks spirit and life,

a heart filled with jealousy, envy, and strife.

You hinder my journey and you hinder your own,

refusing to tear down your wall of stone.

Stone that surrounds your heart so securely,

draining all your tenderness ~ slowly but surely.

I must move on now, but the path is still there,

for yourself and others to partake of and share.

The outcome of your journey ~ it really all depends,

if you tear down your wall and allow your heart to mend.

Resume your journey and others will follow,

for your heart has healed and is no longer hollow.

Hollow like the tree earlier on this trip,

which is more than a memory because from it life now drips.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall