My Gifted Brother…

This poem is to commemorate my brother’s ‘milestone’ birthday today! This poem captures him in a bit of a nutshell that I just had to share! Enjoy!

My gifted brother, so witty and intelligent,

he’s even mathematically inclined.

Many gifts and talents he can offer the world,

like the sun, his abilities brightly shine.

He has a unique sense of humor,

outrageous to be exact.

He can make you laugh in the worst of times,

even when the odds against him are stacked.

I only wish he would share his gifts,

with the world in which we all live.

He has so many great things to offer,

much more than he could ever give!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


There Is Room For Your Gifts…

Everyone has a gift,

for which there’s plenty of room.

Be it a talent for writing,

or creating scents and perfumes.

We all have the ability

to shine bright as can be,

but we must acknowledge the worth,

that everyone else can see.

You may think your words,

fall limp on deaf ears.

Unknowingly giving weight,

to the root of your fears.

Until you accept,

that your gifts have a space,

talents remain hidden, in an undisclosed place.

There is room for your gifts,

so please have a seat.

Your talents are needed,

for a world complete!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


The Gift of Kindness…

A frown replaced by a beautiful smile,

a changing mood, a day worthwhile.

A heart that gives freely always gets back,

blessings ten-fold, though odds may be stacked.

A lifetime of consequences and lessons learned.

kindness given, yields kindness returned,

It feels so good to make another person’s day,

while showing them that there’s another way.

The gift of kindness, gives great reward,

drawing nearer the dreams that propel us forward.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall