Unbreakable Spirit…

The spirit is truly a remarkable thing,

a ray of hope each new day brings.

For a person can be broken on many levels,

a freak accident left your body disheveled.

The healing process is a long road ahead,

I’m thankful you’re alive ~ you could have been dead.

At times, you’ll want to throw in the towel,

your mood impatient ~ your attitude foul.

Your family and friends will get their fill,

through tear-filled eyes that threaten to spill.

God spared your life for His own reasons,

you will be around for many more seasons.

Just know that I pray for you every day,

even when I’ve run out of things to say.

God hears my plea, whether silent or spoken,

an unbreakable spirit, can heal a body that is broken.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


Creed of Success


If success should ever fall upon my thirsty lips,

Lord please let me taste it, the smallest sip.

I”ll not forget the humble roots from which I came,

may I not be ruined by fortune and fame.


Please grant me the chance to share and give back,

to those less fortunate ~ the odds are stacked.

Let me not lose sight of my purpose and goal,

may I set an example and break the mold.


For when you’ve been given much, so much is required,

a daunting reality, but necessary to go higher.

So, I’ll keep encouraging those who are struggling and reaching,

through God’s extraordinary blessings and his infinite teaching.


By Sylvia Porter-Hall

When Hope Seems Lost


When hope seems lost, it must be so,

for all attempts have failed up to this point.

You are breathless and holding on for dear life.

But then a spark of light shines ever so faintly,

on your broken and weary spirit.

With one last struggling breath,

through sticky sweat and salty tears,

you inhale as deeply as your lungs will allow.

Exhale whispers with sweet relief,

that there is hope ~ after all, it was never lost.


By Sylvia Porter-Hall

Hinder No More

Hinder me not, for I’m doing my best,

not to be better than others, but to be an example to the rest.

Paving  the way for others to follow,

but you can’t take this path if your heart is hollow.

Hollow like a tree that lacks spirit and life,

a heart filled with jealousy, envy, and strife.

You hinder my journey and you hinder your own,

refusing to tear down your wall of stone.

Stone that surrounds your heart so securely,

draining all your tenderness ~ slowly but surely.

I must move on now, but the path is still there,

for yourself and others to partake of and share.

The outcome of your journey ~ it really all depends,

if you tear down your wall and allow your heart to mend.

Resume your journey and others will follow,

for your heart has healed and is no longer hollow.

Hollow like the tree earlier on this trip,

which is more than a memory because from it life now drips.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

Truth Be Told


Truth be told, God illuminates my soul,

from the depths of my being, his divine beauty unfolds.

God shines through me like candle forever burning,

for more of this light, my spirit is constantly yearning.

I can’t get enough of this energy I’m feeling,

the basis of my physical and emotional healing.

The love in my heart keeps this light forever bright,

and enables me to deal with any plight.

Few can comprehend this abundance of joy,

in their struggle to understand, they attempt to destroy.

This positive light simply can’t be replaced,

for the energy that fuels it can never be erased.

Truth be told, this is a heavenly feeling,

that illuminates my soul and sends it reeling.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall