A Sister’s Love…

Even though the distance between us is far,

there’s a special bond that we share.

I often wish I could reach out and touch you,

at times, life doesn’t seem fair.

It’s sometimes hard to put into words,

the depth of my love for you.

I can share with you my innermost thoughts,

for you have often seen me through.

You may not know it but you mean the world,

a call from you really brightens my day.

The time passes quickly while we catch up,

but we never run out of things to say.

We don’t always see things eye to eye,

but we respectfully disagree.

It helps to strengthen the bond that we have,

because we allow each other to ‘be’.

Being the individuals that we are,

and no matter what differences arise.

We will always be sisters no matter what,

for God has given us the ultimate prize.

My love for you is special and rare,

like a delicate flower untouched.

I cherish the relationship that we both share,

I love you so very much!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


Getting to Know You…

Getting to know you is going to be fun,

could it be that God has sent me the one?

The one who will love and cherish me always,

The face I will awaken to for many blessed days.

A face that is serious but handsome as well,

I wonder about the tales that your thoughts could tell.

Thoughts that I hope are often of me,

and our future possibilities.

We click so well, we’re a natural fit,

like a pitcher’s ball to a catcher’s mitt.

Hopefully, our love will never strike out,

there is so much we have to talk about.

Our sense of humor fits well together too,

I can’t wait to share more laughter with you.

Am I afraid? Yes, I admit,

even though you feel like a potential fit.

Your manliness is overwhelming; it’s been a long time,

you’re just doing you, and that’s not a crime.

I look forward to getting to know you more,

my passion and emotions are starting to pour.

So, grab a bucket, this could be a mess,

am I feeling you? Most definitely, yes!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


Second Chances…

The first time around, a rocky road,

the chance was blown, a debt now owed.

How does one ever make amends,

for the mistakes a guilty conscience defends?

But God is one of second chances,

lifes ups and downs ~ the failed romances.

He gives us the means to try once more,

to go another round and settle the score.

For His mercy is endless and all forgiving,

so blessed are we for the lives we’re living.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


My Black Prince Indeed

My black prince standing brave and proud,

noticeable to all, in even the largest crowd.

Definitely a beautiful sight to see,

and the best part of all ~ this prince belongs to me.

Many a man observes your grace,

but few can seem to match your pace.

You walk with a confidence that is unmistakably yours,

that make other men envious, right down to their cores.

You stand steadfast in your opinions and feelings,

carefully choosing those for your few select dealings.

Your presence is like the wind, strong and unseen,

body perfectly maintained, muscles cut and lean.

Ah, yes. My black prince indeed!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall