The Sun is Always Shining…



The sun is always shining,

even when there is no proof.

Eclipsed by density of colors gray,

that cast shadows upon my roof.

The sun is always shining,

earth eagerly beckons its heat.

All living forms wait with baited breath

in their designated seats.

The sun is always shining,

from corridors high above.

Invisible to the naked eye,

is God’s undying love.

The sun is always shining,

when rain is slow to end.

Waiting in the wings to comfort me,

much like a loyal friend.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

Imagine A World…

Imagine a world, where racism didn’t exist,

where ‘segregation’ and ‘separatism’ never kissed.

Imagine a world, where all skin is thick,

ugly words and behaviors fail to stick.

Imagine a world, where color is blind,

and people strive to be loving and kind.

Imagine a world, where wounds are no more,

no one is out to settle a score.

Imagine a world, that is honest and fair,

where everyone counts, because everyone cares.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall