Heartstrings plucked lightly,

intensity based on life events.

Each string uniquely singular,

with its own melodic sound.

Joy & laughter playfully tickle,

while another string strums a melancholy tone of sadness,

Anger binds the heartstrings together,

into one solemn chord.

Louder,louder into maddening unison,

until, SNAP…the quiet noise

of heartstrings silenced.

One by one, each string vibrates,

yearning for its former individuality

that familiar sound….echoing back.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall



The Woman I Am….



The woman I am is filled with hope.

My life experiences have taught me the ropes.


The woman I am is focused and steady,

to take on the world, I know I am ready.


The woman I am is sensitive and caring,

giving freely from my heart, I don’t mind sharing.


The woman I am is secure and stable,

to take on like’s challenges, I am willing and able.


The woman I am is aging with grace,

all the wrinkles in life have not left their trace.


By Sylvia Porter-Hall


What a Man Is to Me


A man is one who listens with care,

his own thoughts and feelings are eagerly shared.

A man is one who will stand up and fight,

and always willing to do what is right.

A man is one who will hold his own,

firm in his convictions, solid as stone.

A man is one who is not ashamed to cry,

even if he doesn’t know the reason why.

A man is one not afraid to star anew,

and face all the things he knows he must do.

A man is one who takes care of home,

never leaving his family helpless and alone.

A man is one who is not afraid to choose,

regardless of the things he knows he may lose.

A man is one who will stop and think twice,

he  knows a bad choice will carry a price.

A man is one who is gentle and concerned,

he will change if needed and is willing to learn.

What a man is to me is all of the above,

if he truly cares, he will earn my love.


  By Sylvia Porter-Hall  

Sun Rays



Sun rays, like liquid gold,

pour generously over winter-beaten skin.

A welcome feeling ~ a long time coming.

Like slow streams of hot honey pouring,

it melts away any thoughts laced with gloom and gray.

Delightful in all its radiance, is the sun.

So large you can almost touch it,

yet, so far away, almost a figment of a very vivid imagination.

But real, for its heat easily radiates,

through skin that has been craving its burn.

A searing reminder of its magnificence,

igniting souls from within ~ as only the sun can do.


By Sylvia Porter-Hall

Fear’s Ride


The power of fear is so overwhelming,

this I know firsthand.

I’ve allowed it to control a big part of my life,

but finally, I understand.

Fear firmly plants you in your tracks,

no movement in any direction.

Before you know it, you’ve grown accustomed,

to the illusion of its protection.

Fear masters so much false deception,

while entangling one in its throes.

How does one get off this delusional ride?

Where will it stop? Nobody knows.

At last, I’ve gotten off this ride,

and I will not get on again.

The next time fear disguises itself,

and deceitfully invites me in,


By Sylvia Porter-Hall


Who Knows You Better Than You?


Is it arrogant to think, that one has complete knowledge of self?

Or is it a sad disillusion that has taken over?

A false sense of confidence and belief,

that no one could could know you better than ‘you’.

After all, you are the expert on ‘you’.

For you live both inside and outside of yourself.

A one-sided vantage point, that others can only mimic.

You laugh at the boasts of those,

who think they know you better than anyone.

How could they possibly know you better?

When they don’t even share the same view.

Is it no surprise, when it is realized….

they never really knew you.


By Sylvia Porter-Hall

The best for me is you


I know with all my heart ~ the best for me is you,

although I don’t admit it, deep inside I know it is true.

I’m afraid of the feelings I have for  you ~ they’re growing everyday,

At times I’d like to run and hide and escape the easy way.

The gentleness of your ways ~ the kindness that pours from your heart,

makes me want to stay around, and in your life be a vital part.

The patience you have shown is more than anyone should ask,

just dealing with me daily can be quite an exhausting task.

That’s why it’s very clear that the best for me is you,

I anticipate much happiness and all the things we have yet to do.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall