God’s Recipe for Me


God created me like a fine recipe,

using only the best ingredients ~ chosen just for me.

Sprinkling a dash of hope, a pinch of passion,

creating the perfect mixture in every way, form, and fashion.

Life experiences are the main seasonings,

flavored with plenty of logical reasoning.

Some might find this recipe bitter to the taste,

but to pass judgment before trying it an only result in waste.

Remember, I am God’s recipe ~ so please, judge me not,

for only the best of everything went into this pot.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


I Write Because….

I write because it eases the pain,

that has broken my heart and left its stain.

I write because it helps me to heal,

and express the things I can’t say but do feel.

I write because it frees all that is inside,

for it helps to dry up many tears I have cried.

I write for enjoyment for it gives me great pleasure,

while sharing my thoughts about the things that I treasure.

I write because it’s a wonderful high,

it relaxes and soothes ~ like taking a deep sigh.

I write because it tells my story,

through words that are blessed by God’s given glory.

I write because it unveils the true me,

and all of the things that I feel an see!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


I Am, I Can


I can do anything I so desire,

I can soar like an eagle ~ I can rage like a fire.

For I have been blessed with unlimited potential,

consistency and drive are both necessary and essential.

Even though I may stumble and sometimes fall,

I never lose sight of Whom I can call.

In my time of need ~ at my most dismal hour,

I can find peace and solace in the “Higher Power.”

Yes, it’s my Lord an Savior, of course,

who showers me with love from an unlimited source.

Bringing me closer each day to my hopes and dreams,

the raging fire is not out yet ~ I still have some steam.

Therefore, because I am, I can,

for positivity and love go hand in hand.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall



God Moves


God can move like a soft summer breeze,

your pain and mind He will quietly ease.

God can move like thunder, with much strength and power,

He can strike at an time, regardless of the hour.

God can move like the wind that whistles through the trees,

He can arrive so suddenly, like a cold winter freeze.

God can roll in swiftly, like a river running free,

but most importantly ~ God moves me.


By Sylvia Porter-Hall

Blanket of Love



Blanket  of Love

God surrounds me with a blanket of love,

that drapes down upon me,

from the heavens above.

In the warmth of this blanket, I am safe and secure,

excluding the world’s negativity,

leaving my thoughts honest and pure.

Some are oblivious and unaware,

that the safety surrounding me,

for them is also there.

If they could just reach out,

and feel all the love,

that awaits them in the blanket above.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

Truth Be Told


Truth be told, God illuminates my soul,

from the depths of my being, his divine beauty unfolds.

God shines through me like candle forever burning,

for more of this light, my spirit is constantly yearning.

I can’t get enough of this energy I’m feeling,

the basis of my physical and emotional healing.

The love in my heart keeps this light forever bright,

and enables me to deal with any plight.

Few can comprehend this abundance of joy,

in their struggle to understand, they attempt to destroy.

This positive light simply can’t be replaced,

for the energy that fuels it can never be erased.

Truth be told, this is a heavenly feeling,

that illuminates my soul and sends it reeling.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall