I wonder if they realize…

the ongoing struggles of others.

You know…the ones who seem to have everything,

at their well-manicured fingertips.

I wonder if they realize…

the very food they discard with ease,

would be welcomed by those that

find it hard to come by one meal,

not to mention two or three.

I wonder if they realize…

the fancy cars they drive,

without a second thought,

passing by the same single mom daily,

barely missing her, while speeding by her in all their glory,

leaving dirty puddle water stains splattered,

on the one ‘good’ outfit this single mom owns.

I wonder if they realize,

with their heads held sky-high,

that hard times do not discriminate.

I wonder if they realize,

come tomorrow, this could be them too!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

Acts of Kindness…

As I sit and eat,

a meal complete,

the television blares bad news.

The starvation rate is out of control,

many people are nutritionally abused.

A starving child, a haunting thought,

now sour is the taste, of the food I’ve bought.

How is this possible? What can I do?

To help these children, even one or two.

Through acts of kindness, there’s plenty I can do!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall