refined, cultured.

Aesthetically pleasing, tasteful

exquisitely beautiful, stylish, chic


By Sylvia Porter-Hall



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A Sister’s Love…

Even though the distance between us is far,

there’s a special bond that we share.

I often wish I could reach out and touch you,

at times, life doesn’t seem fair.

It’s sometimes hard to put into words,

the depth of my love for you.

I can share with you my innermost thoughts,

for you have often seen me through.

You may not know it but you mean the world,

a call from you really brightens my day.

The time passes quickly while we catch up,

but we never run out of things to say.

We don’t always see things eye to eye,

but we respectfully disagree.

It helps to strengthen the bond that we have,

because we allow each other to ‘be’.

Being the individuals that we are,

and no matter what differences arise.

We will always be sisters no matter what,

for God has given us the ultimate prize.

My love for you is special and rare,

like a delicate flower untouched.

I cherish the relationship that we both share,

I love you so very much!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


Beyond the Surface…

Why don’t you take a minute and just say ‘hi’,

to the brother over there, barely draggin’ by.


Yeah, he’s beggin’ but don’t dog this brother out,

see, you haven’t got a clue as to what he’s all about.


You turned up your nose as if he were dirt,

he has feelings too, that you stomp on and hurt.


He has probably seen things that we can’t comprehend,

he has reached a rock bottom that doesn’t seem to end.


He’s only asking for a nickel or maybe a dime,

but you can’t spare a second of your precious time.


But I won’t turn my head when this brother walks by

I’ll take a moment to stop and say ‘hi’.


It may cause this brother to take on a different view,

about the road he is on and what he should do.


Sometimes, the slightest gesture can touch a person’s soul,

and restore some of the joy that fate has stole.


By Sylvia Porter-Hall



Hopes and Dreams….

Floating wishes and crystal dreams,

illuminated by the earth’s moonbeams.

The bigger the hope, the brighter the gleam

A dream weaver’s desires, remain supreme.

With a deep inhale, hope is set in motion,

a special blend of the passionate potion.

Every new breath is carefully collected

in a bubble-like shell, so delicately protected.

A slow exhale puts it all in perspective,

singular thinking and introspective.

Some dreams are big and others small,

never ceasing to amaze and enthrall.

Dreams represent the human condition

while blossoming into the liveliest fruition,

For what one dreams is who they are,

the best intentions will raise the bar.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


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Many thanks!




Thank so much to everyone who has visited my blog and

liked” and/or become a follower.

Thanks also to those who just stopped by. I truly

appreciate each and every one of you!

I am happy to say that

I have reached the magical number of 100!

Yes, 100 followers that is!

I could not have accomplished this without you,

and a huge accomplishment it is, as I have not been

in this blogging game very long. How awesome

it is to share an arena with so many talented

and like-minded people who seem to get me.

It has been a pleasure to make your acquaintance

and I look forward to growing with you and

learning from you as I grow in my own writing.

I will strive to continue to bring you content

that you can thoroughly enjoy!

I am inspired by all of you! Many blessings and love to you all!

Sylvia Porter-Hall






Strong Family Ties


The blessed ones are those with strong family ties,

that cannot be broken when even the darkest evil tries.

For some of us this kind of love is hardly ever seen,

so we search for love and fulfillment by some other means.

Often we make a rushed and unhealthy choice,

refusing to listen to our distinct inner voice.

Oh yes, we hear this voice loud and clear,

the truth often being our greatest fear.

From ourselves, we run ~ we try so hard to hide,

but nothing can bury the real truth,  hidden deep inside.

Strong family ties, are knots forever bound,

that form the kind of bond that is not often enough found.

Family is the root from where we all begin,

and to forget where we came from is truly a sin.


By Sylvia Porter-Hall

New Friends!



Blessings come in all sizes and forms,

such as new friends that enter in.

Like an unexpected breath of fresh air,

I wonder where they’ve been.


Napowrimo crossed my path,

with some truly awesome folks.

Effervescent and invigorating,

like a cold thirst-quenching coke.


Taking in so much beautiful work,

only makes me want to read more.

I pray that all continue to write,

there’s so much more in store.


The formal benchmark is no longer there,

as Napowrimo comes to an end.

A call for all to stay connected,

my new wonderfully gifted friends.

Keep writing!


By Sylvia Porter-Hall