Her Wisdom Overflows


Her wisdom overflows like a river running wild,

life experiences are the basis of her afrocentric style.

Her beauty is ageless, for it is not evident upon her face,

she is a gift to womanhood ~ a tribute to her race.

With a wave of her graceful hand, she can stop you cold,

while her seasoned and motherly aura right before your eyes unfolds.

The richness of her heritage is evident when she speaks,

she has everyone’s attention, curiosity is at its peak.

She speaks with a voice that is firmly rooted from within,

you can’t help but wonder about the places she has been.

She listens very intently as she quietly observes the room,

surrounding her is a wall of knowledge ~ a halo of wisdom looms.

I only wish I had met her so many years before,

I am honored to be graced by her confident presence,

and from her I want to learn more.


By Sylvia Porter-Hall

God’s Recipe for Me


God created me like a fine recipe,

using only the best ingredients ~ chosen just for me.

Sprinkling a dash of hope, a pinch of passion,

creating the perfect mixture in every way, form, and fashion.

Life experiences are the main seasonings,

flavored with plenty of logical reasoning.

Some might find this recipe bitter to the taste,

but to pass judgment before trying it an only result in waste.

Remember, I am God’s recipe ~ so please, judge me not,

for only the best of everything went into this pot.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall