The ‘Me’ I Didn’t See

Lately, I am seeing a new version of ‘me’,

the version that others could always see.

The stature and confidence that escaped my sight,

while blinding others with a presence bright.

How could I not see ‘me’ all along?

My self-assessment so terribly wrong.

The many layers that took years too build,

kept me securely sheltered and unfulfilled.

But as each layer falls away,

with new awareness, I can honestly say,

I like this ‘me’, no arrogance or deceit,

a once broken woman, now beautifully complete.

The ‘me’ I’d always failed to see,

is now someone I am proud to be.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

I Am, I Can


I can do anything I so desire,

I can soar like an eagle ~ I can rage like a fire.

For I have been blessed with unlimited potential,

consistency and drive are both necessary and essential.

Even though I may stumble and sometimes fall,

I never lose sight of Whom I can call.

In my time of need ~ at my most dismal hour,

I can find peace and solace in the “Higher Power.”

Yes, it’s my Lord an Savior, of course,

who showers me with love from an unlimited source.

Bringing me closer each day to my hopes and dreams,

the raging fire is not out yet ~ I still have some steam.

Therefore, because I am, I can,

for positivity and love go hand in hand.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall