Niagara Falls…June Jordan


Here’s a lovely poem I came across by June Jordan called: Niagara Falls, one of my favorite places in the world. See my previous post I added a couple photos to coincide with this beautiful poem that June Jordan dedicated to Leonard Bernstein. Enjoy!

And in the first place the flowing of the river

went about its business like a hulking

shallows curling ankle deep to spume


and in the second place the flowing river


and falling fell stupendous


a breakneck cliff invisible behind

the cataclysmic streaming burst apart

at bottom

into spray that birds

attempted to delay by calmly

playing in the serpentine formations

of the frothing aftermath


and then in my place stood a fool

surprised by power that wins only

peace as when the sliding clouds collide

into a new perfection




By June Jordan

Images: Free Google images