The wink of an eye, the gentle sway of her hips,

the enticing way that words fall from her lips.

A sideways glance, the hint of a smile,

all eyes on her, a sight so worthwhile.

From girlish giggles to womanly laughter,

she’s the main attraction ~ the before and the after.

A jazzy walk with a stylish flair,

the icing on the cake, her beautiful hair.

You’ve caught her attention but only for a moment,

the ball’s in her court ~ she definitely owns it.


By Sylvia Porter-Hall

Good Sense


Sometimes when we are in love,

we seem to lose our good sense.

Foolishly, we let down all our guards,

giving up our means of defense.

We want to relax and bask in the glory,

of the wonderful love we have discovered.

Pushing caution aside and forgetting  our fear,

the real person in us is uncovered.

Before we know it, we’re in so deep,

it would take a crane to dig out.

If only we had listened to our inner voice,

we could have thought before taking this route.

Good sense is something we all should possess,

and for our sake, we should cherish.

If we don’t make good use of this gift we’ve been given,

we are sure to perish.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

NaPoWriMo 2014

The best for me is you


I know with all my heart ~ the best for me is you,

although I don’t admit it, deep inside I know it is true.

I’m afraid of the feelings I have for  you ~ they’re growing everyday,

At times I’d like to run and hide and escape the easy way.

The gentleness of your ways ~ the kindness that pours from your heart,

makes me want to stay around, and in your life be a vital part.

The patience you have shown is more than anyone should ask,

just dealing with me daily can be quite an exhausting task.

That’s why it’s very clear that the best for me is you,

I anticipate much happiness and all the things we have yet to do.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall