If I Could Tell You…2

If I could tell you my most secret thoughts,

could I trade them in for the things once bought?

If I could tell you about the price I’ve paid,

the debts incurred because I stayed.

The sleepless nights, the endless hours,

spent dangling under your hypnotic power.

If I could tell you about the constant suffering,

the excuses made, a sad attempt at buffering.

If I could tell you… about your hurtful words,

flung thoughtlessly, outrageous and absurd

If I could tell you all of these things,

would it make a difference, or more heartache bring?

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

If I Could Tell You…(1)

This is one of three poems to follow. The prompt, “If I could tell you” was given in a class I’ve been taking on Saturday mornings. Our assignment was to write a poem using this line. I wrote one poem in class which is this one, but insisted on writing two others using this same prompt,just because. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

If I could tell you how I really feel,

would it change the game, a brand new deal?

If I could tell you what you mean to me,

together again, would we now be?

If I could tell you about the nights I’ve cried,

and awakened to tear-stained pillows dried.

If I could tell you just how lonely I’ve been,

without my soul mate, my very best friend.

Would my telling all, be a means to an end?

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

Acts of Kindness…

As I sit and eat,

a meal complete,

the television blares bad news.

The starvation rate is out of control,

many people are nutritionally abused.

A starving child, a haunting thought,

now sour is the taste, of the food I’ve bought.

How is this possible? What can I do?

To help these children, even one or two.

Through acts of kindness, there’s plenty I can do!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

Something About Sunday…

A day of rest for weary bones,

can bring peace and quiet to a busy home.

A day that is different from all the rest,

reminds us that we’re truly blessed.

Blessed to give thanks to God up above,

on a glorious day, specially infused with love.

A day to reflect and prepare for the week,

and all the positivity our souls can seek.

There’s something about Sunday, and that’s for sure,

a day to rejoice in thoughts that are pure.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

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