24 thoughts on “An Original…Haiku

      • Hi Sylvia!!! I’m so happy I can re-blog! I think it is so beautiful and it would complement my haiku of today! Many blessings to you dear one!!! Have a super weekend! ❤


      • Thank you again Lorrie! Your compliments and high praise mean so much. Forgive me, but I still have to read your haiku for today. I am very behind in my reading….haven’t been feeling the best lately, so I find myself behind in many things. Again, you have my permission in advance to re-blog anything you would like and thank you for your graciousness in asking. I hope that you have a super weekend also! ❤ 🙂


  1. God doesn’t make mistakes,
    He is pure and precise in His creations.
    God only makes correction over the breaks
    Created by sin, the imperfections.


  2. Lovely poems, lovely truths.
    It inspires me to drop one line or two.
    I hope you don’t mind my poem lines here.
    Best wishes.


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