If I Could Tell You…3

If I could tell you about my brand new song,

now inspired by the love I’ve wanted for so long.

If I could tell you about the happiness I feel,

my moments of joy, would you try to steal?

Now gone from your life, do you now regret,

all the time we spent, the day that we met.

Or could you just be happy for me?

Things turned out the way they should be,

If I could tell you, would you believe?

Your apology accepted, I thoroughly receive.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

8 thoughts on “If I Could Tell You…3

  1. Can I tell you the history we made?
    Each tender touch, every moments we spend,
    Loving and singing together. Can I tell you how much you have touch my soul strings?
    The soft music pour from my heart, giving me the wings
    To fly high above the sunny light.
    Can I tell you how much I miss this sight?
    The sight of love and adoration,
    When the spring follows all creation.
    Can I tell you how much it hurts
    To remember day by day, laying in the dirt
    With the wings clipped away.
    When I lost my lovely song, where should I stay?
    The depth of sorrow gleames over me,
    Laughing over my desperation of sea.
    The light I no longer see. My eyes on the ground downcast.
    When I was nothing, You have come and lift me up with Your caring love.
    You have cleansed the dirt from my cloth and carried me up like a dove
    To the greatest place, Heavens You called it.
    My face with Your light You lit.
    And gave me a dream.
    Jesus, You put one of Your beam
    Inside of my heart to feel again
    The neverending Love of God upon the men.

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