Acts of Kindness…

As I sit and eat,

a meal complete,

the television blares bad news.

The starvation rate is out of control,

many people are nutritionally abused.

A starving child, a haunting thought,

now sour is the taste, of the food I’ve bought.

How is this possible? What can I do?

To help these children, even one or two.

Through acts of kindness, there’s plenty I can do!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

24 thoughts on “Acts of Kindness…

      • Thank you Mihrank. I am extremely humbled. By the way, I loved your song “Playing Like a Breeze”. I had commented on it right after you posted it a while back. Not sure if you saw the comment or not but just wanted you to know that I think it’s a beautiful piece and thank you for sharing! πŸ™‚


  1. That’s beautiful–and very true. We walk by people every day not really looking, not really seeing the pain they’re trying so hard to hide. One act of kindness can restore hope…can restore faith. One act of kindness can make all the difference. Keep the poems coming!


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