No Ordinary Morning…

There she stood, like a permanent fixture,

waiting as she did every morning,

at a deserted bus stop, to make her daily commute,

to a job she neither liked nor wanted.

No choice did she have.

Fulfillment no longer a concern.

Only the survival of yet another day.

Lost in her private thoughts of dread,

the perils of the day stretched out ahead.

Suddenly, on this particular day,

something different happened.

Someone joined her at this lonely corner,

that which she had long since claimed.

A gentleman-stranger greeted her,

with all the exuberance and cheer,

of someone who knew her well.

He did not, but obvious was his desire.

His outstretched hand eagerly beckoned hers

while she pondered in her mind.

Naturally and without hesitation,

her hand reached out to meet his.

Warm electricity bound his hand to hers.

Right then and there she knew,

‘today’, might be a good day after all.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall