Appeal of a Hardworking Man…

There’s nothing more appealing than a hardworking man,

with a purpose-filled vision and well-laid plan.

These things were mirrored when you introduced yourself,

your driven work ethic; the root of your wealth.

The confidence you displayed was solid and direct.

You approached me like a gentleman and came correct.

For you knew I’d be accepting of nothing less,

and neither would you; also deserving the best.

Our conversation clicked like a wrench to a screw.

There was something in me that reached out to you.

As you whispered your desires deep into my ear,

I could feel your energy as you pulled me near.

I detect that your past has taught you a lot,

while you dodged the bullets that life has shot.

When you least expect it, the tables can turn.

You are life’s willing student, always ready to learn.

There’s nothing wrong with being a hardworking man,

independent and capable, has direction and a plan.

So keep being you and never be still,

I have every confidence that you will!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


Thankful For You…

I wonder if you ever consider in your thinking,

that you are certainly not alone.

I share your worries, fears, and doubts,

we’re only human and that makes us prone.

Prone to the wicked ways of others,

that can be cruel and lacking of care.

The best part about having you in my life,

is that I can lean on you and share.

I hope that you feel the same kind of bond,

that seems to be making us stronger.

The more I look at your handsome face,

I want you to be around longer.

I don’t even think that you realize,

the redeeming qualities that you possess.

When I’m in your arms, I feel so protected,

while basking in the warmth of your caress.

A caress so genuine to the touch,

that it has to come from your heart.

When you leave my side, I can still feel you,

but I do hate when we have to part.

So truthfully, I just want you to know,

I’m so glad that you came my way.

How much do you really mean to me?

I don’t know if words could ever say!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


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