Laughter of Self…



One’s own ability to laugh at ‘self’,

is to unload the pent-up emotional shelf.

A contagious laughter that draws others near,

who just want to be closer, to the chuckling they hear.

That which is yours, and yours alone.

Lurking deep within your funny bone.

tickling the corners of a mouth demure.

Teasing the laugh lines, a perfect lure.

It can no longer be held, not one minute more,

your inner humor threatening to pour.

With much fervor, laughter comes bursting through,

with everyone suddenly looking at you.

What’s so funny?” They ask without saying,

You try and answer without further delaying.

But the laughter’s too strong, you can’t respond back.

You’re fully accountable for this laughing attack.

Laughter of ‘self’ is a beautiful thing,

many moments of joy, it is sure to bring!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


My First Teacher – My Dad


My dad was my very first teacher,

and for this I am eternally glad.

He gave me praises when I was good,

firm in his discipline when I was bad.

From as far back as I can remember,

my dad was always there.

Even though at times, we were at odds,

I know deep down inside that he cared.

My dad was a perfect example,

of what the fruits of hard labor can provide.

He always made sure our family had the best,

in everything he did was his pride.

He could build anything imaginable,

from toys to our family picnic table.

To call a repairman was unthinkable,

all-around ‘handyman’ was his well-earned label.

My dad was my very first teacher,

and for this I am eternally glad.

I’m thankful for all the good memories,

and have learned valued lessons from the bad.

Thanks dad!!!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


There’s Room in My Heart…



Just when I think I can’t fit one person more,

every tiny space filled,

from ceiling to floor.

One more soul seeking desperately to fit in

needing love and acceptance,

from a trusted friend.

My heart is full and is sure to burst.

But there’s still room left,

my lite’s motto and curse.

It’s hard to imagine leaving anyone out,

to love and to accept,

is what it’s really all about.

So my heart squeezes tightly

to make one more space.

For it is always open,

everyone has a place.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall




peacock  vintage  by Romany Soup, via Flickr    very retro and so retro  lovely


Imagine the world through another’s eyes,

those of a strange and peculiar one

that see things through a wider scope.

Where any and everything imaginable is possible.

Imagine those very same eyes,

staring and creating visions unique

multifaceted, supreme mystique.

New life born through those eyes,

that left you stunned and mesmerized.

Imagine a life materialized,

through hopes and dreams now realized.

Imagine the world through another’s eyes.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


Image: Peacock Vintage by Romany Soup



Wedding Vows…


This choice we have made ~ to be as one,

to greet one another under each morning sun.

We’ve pondered and wondered ~ even debated this move,

yet our final decision undoubtedly proves.

Our love for one another outweighs all debate,

for in you I have found the perfect soul mate.

Through the roughest of times ~ you were solid as stone,

the depth of your love, you have unselfishly shown.

I’m so thankful for you and your loving ways,

with God in our lives, we will share many blessed days.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

 Image: Free Google images

Beyond the Surface…

Why don’t you take a minute and just say ‘hi’,

to the brother over there, barely draggin’ by.


Yeah, he’s beggin’ but don’t dog this brother out,

see, you haven’t got a clue as to what he’s all about.


You turned up your nose as if he were dirt,

he has feelings too, that you stomp on and hurt.


He has probably seen things that we can’t comprehend,

he has reached a rock bottom that doesn’t seem to end.


He’s only asking for a nickel or maybe a dime,

but you can’t spare a second of your precious time.


But I won’t turn my head when this brother walks by

I’ll take a moment to stop and say ‘hi’.


It may cause this brother to take on a different view,

about the road he is on and what he should do.


Sometimes, the slightest gesture can touch a person’s soul,

and restore some of the joy that fate has stole.


By Sylvia Porter-Hall



Unbreakable Spirit…

The spirit is truly a remarkable thing,

a ray of hope each new day brings.

For a person can be broken on many levels,

a freak accident left your body disheveled.

The healing process is a long road ahead,

I’m thankful you’re alive ~ you could have been dead.

At times, you’ll want to throw in the towel,

your mood impatient ~ your attitude foul.

Your family and friends will get their fill,

through tear-filled eyes that threaten to spill.

God spared your life for His own reasons,

you will be around for many more seasons.

Just know that I pray for you every day,

even when I’ve run out of things to say.

God hears my plea, whether silent or spoken,

an unbreakable spirit, can heal a body that is broken.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


Hopes and Dreams….

Floating wishes and crystal dreams,

illuminated by the earth’s moonbeams.

The bigger the hope, the brighter the gleam

A dream weaver’s desires, remain supreme.

With a deep inhale, hope is set in motion,

a special blend of the passionate potion.

Every new breath is carefully collected

in a bubble-like shell, so delicately protected.

A slow exhale puts it all in perspective,

singular thinking and introspective.

Some dreams are big and others small,

never ceasing to amaze and enthrall.

Dreams represent the human condition

while blossoming into the liveliest fruition,

For what one dreams is who they are,

the best intentions will raise the bar.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall