8 thoughts on “Shoes…

      • Yep, sounds like it. I always buy quality clothing and shoes that never go out of style. My dress has always been traditional, not trendy. I never wear clothes out unless they are outside working clothes or jeans. I know it sounds crazy but I rarely shop. I still wear clothing I had made 30 years ago. They have been investments really. Nice post Sylvia.


      • Thank you Levi. It doesn’t sound crazy in the least. It’s actually very smart. If there’s nothing wrong with the clothes you have, then why spend money on more in order to keep up with the “current” trends. It’s been my experience in the past, that as soon as I get on board with a “trend”, it has already changed again. You are a smart investor Levi. The proof is in the fact that you are still able to utilize clothes from 30 yrs. ago. I say it’s money well spent! This topic is a great one for my next post…don’t you think?


      • It would be, but most won’t spend $400 on a pair of trousers or pair of shoes to start with or more on some. When in the professional world the best dressed guys never were trendy but traditional which never goes out of style. It cost less over time I think, everything fits you perfect, and the quality is there. To each his own I suppose.


      • I so agree with you Levi. There’s nothing like good quality and the fit of quality clothing is second to none. You definitely get what you pay for and sometimes that does cost a little more, but as you said, it ends up costing less in the long run. Quality clothing lasts a long time and as long as trends or latest fashion statements are unimportant to a person, than your thinking is the way to go. Gentleman wear quality well and you Levi, are a gentleman!


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