Laughter of Self…



One’s own ability to laugh at ‘self’,

is to unload the pent-up emotional shelf.

A contagious laughter that draws others near,

who just want to be closer, to the chuckling they hear.

That which is yours, and yours alone.

Lurking deep within your funny bone.

tickling the corners of a mouth demure.

Teasing the laugh lines, a perfect lure.

It can no longer be held, not one minute more,

your inner humor threatening to pour.

With much fervor, laughter comes bursting through,

with everyone suddenly looking at you.

β€œWhat’s so funny?” They ask without saying,

You try and answer without further delaying.

But the laughter’s too strong, you can’t respond back.

You’re fully accountable for this laughing attack.

Laughter of ‘self’ is a beautiful thing,

many moments of joy, it is sure to bring!

By Sylvia Porter-Hall


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