Strong Family Ties


The blessed ones are those with strong family ties,

that cannot be broken when even the darkest evil tries.

For some of us this kind of love is hardly ever seen,

so we search for love and fulfillment by some other means.

Often we make a rushed and unhealthy choice,

refusing to listen to our distinct inner voice.

Oh yes, we hear this voice loud and clear,

the truth often being our greatest fear.

From ourselves, we run ~ we try so hard to hide,

but nothing can bury the real truth,  hidden deep inside.

Strong family ties, are knots forever bound,

that form the kind of bond that is not often enough found.

Family is the root from where we all begin,

and to forget where we came from is truly a sin.


By Sylvia Porter-Hall

What a Man Is to Me


A man is one who listens with care,

his own thoughts and feelings are eagerly shared.

A man is one who will stand up and fight,

and always willing to do what is right.

A man is one who will hold his own,

firm in his convictions, solid as stone.

A man is one who is not ashamed to cry,

even if he doesn’t know the reason why.

A man is one not afraid to star anew,

and face all the things he knows he must do.

A man is one who takes care of home,

never leaving his family helpless and alone.

A man is one who is not afraid to choose,

regardless of the things he knows he may lose.

A man is one who will stop and think twice,

he  knows a bad choice will carry a price.

A man is one who is gentle and concerned,

he will change if needed and is willing to learn.

What a man is to me is all of the above,

if he truly cares, he will earn my love.


  By Sylvia Porter-Hall