When Cupid Strikes


This a collaborative piece by Sylvia Porter-Hall and Irfaan Ishan Jaffer

Please check out his fantastic work at: http://iithinks.wordpress.com

It was truly a treat to work with such a creative mind as that of Ishan. This is my first

collaboration and Ihsan has been great with me.  Thank you Ihsan.  After some grammatical

 flexing and intellectual banter, we blended our thoughts and individual personalities

and this is what we came up with.





Cupid approaches

with his perfectly sharpened arrow,

aiming straight at the invisible ‘bulls-eye’,

that which is your heart.

Beating with a carefree rhythm, unaware

it has become the unsuspecting target,

of another’s affections and charms….

Cupid always strikes out of the blue

When the lonely least expect it

The afflicted thinking

‘It’s impossible to live without you’.

As soon as the arrow pierces

The world seems alive in dance

Brimming with beauty

the love struck have eyes new

Like those of a newborn child ~ waves of naivete bubbling over

Joyful bliss springs forth from the piercing

Love anew has a fighting chance

peeking out with hope immature

Cupid is pleased

He sets his sights on a new subject,

bow expertly flexed, arrow pulled taut.

Again love rides, on a wing and a prayer

But no worries ~ Cupid is always self-assured,

confident that he will hit his mark

After all…

He always does!


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