A dream-like state in the middle of the day,

the best kind.

The mind comfortably drifts away,

from the realities that plague it,

if only for a moment.

Almost euphoric in its essence,

bordering on the edge of the impossible.

There is no place off limits,

within the realm of one’s daydream.

One can be whisked away to far off places.

Money is not a necessity,

only one’s very vivid imagination.

You hold on a little longer,

as you feel the tug of the outside forces,

trying to pull you back to reality;

a place you would rather not be.

You struggle to stay in your mind’s dream,

a world that you created ~ a place that you visit often.

Eventually, the daydream must come to an end

the forces of reality too strong to push back.

But you bask in the glory of knowing

you will return again tomorrow!


By Sylvia Porter-Hall