Who Knows You Better Than You?


Is it arrogant to think, that one has complete knowledge of self?

Or is it a sad disillusion that has taken over?

A false sense of confidence and belief,

that no one could could know you better than ‘you’.

After all, you are the expert on ‘you’.

For you live both inside and outside of yourself.

A one-sided vantage point, that others can only mimic.

You laugh at the boasts of those,

who think they know you better than anyone.

How could they possibly know you better?

When they don’t even share the same view.

Is it no surprise, when it is realized….

they never really knew you.


By Sylvia Porter-Hall




Some say whatever comes to mind,

with hints of sarcasm, through teeth that grind.

 They have no care for whom they hurt,

with the feelings of others, they carelessly flirt.

 The broken pieces left scattered behind,

the shattered framework of tortured minds.

 Blown away by words of distasteful expression,

anxiety is high ~ a pending depression.

 If outspoken words are not carefully chosen,

isolation is inevitable, for in time, words are frozen.


 By Sylvia Porter-Hall