Gone But Not Forgotten

This brother meant more than anyone could know,

but for whatever reason, he felt he had to go.

Leaving behind a love so strong,

I am still uncertain as to what went wrong.

We used to fit like a glove ~ conversation and all,

how we looked forward to our daily phone call.

We could talk about anything under the sun,

for our hearts intermingled, united as one.

Deep in my heart he does still remain,

in spite of all the memories, sorrow and pain.

I know our paths will cross again someday,

and maybe then we will know what to say.

If that day never comes, I won’t despair,

for we both know at one time, we were the ultimate pair.

Though I’m no longer bitter, I still hurt inside,

I’ve regained control and taken back my p ride.

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

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