Fallen Love


When we first met, I was so attracted to you,

without a doubt, I know you were too.

For my love, I made you respect me and wait,

your patience was one of your strongest traits.

We played, we teased ~ at any rate,

never foreseeing our inevitable fate.

We laughed and loved for such a brief time,

until together we could no longer climb.

I’ve wondered and pondered about what went wrong,

while allowing this experience to make me strong.

Strong so that I can learn from past mistakes,

and all the hard work a relationship takes.

The “good” and “bad” both play a part,

but they can’t separate us if we’re true in our hearts.

Sometimes the truth is the most painful thing,

the words that ended us in my ears still ring.

In spite of everything, I wish you the best,

 your absence in my life has truly been a test.



By Sylvia Porter-Hall